You can call me Michelangelo

When I was a freshman in college, I had done a project where we were given a block of Alabaster and were told to go to the zoo and find an animal that we would soon carve from the stone. A lot of the students had mixed feelings about the project, but during the process and after it was all over I had really enjoyed it and was more than happy with the Rhino that I had sculpted. Now that I have graduated and am working, I keep trying to think of projects to work on to keep my creativity alive. A few months ago, I thought back to the alabaster project and decided that I wanted to take another crack at it. I found a website that sells large boulders of alabaster and after a few days, a 96 lb. rock arrived at my house. After months of thinking, sketching and deliberating, I finally decided to carve a bald eagle. So for the next few weeks I will be Michelangelo in my back yard. I finally started it yesterday and I will start to post and document my progress as the eagle starts to take shape. Here are a few pictures of the rock before I started and my progress from yesterday and today.



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