Sky Diving

Today I went skydiving @ Skydive Long Island. It was soo awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. You can check it out here.


You can call me Michelangelo

When I was a freshman in college, I had done a project where we were given a block of Alabaster and were told to go to the zoo and find an animal that we would soon carve from the stone. A lot of the students had mixed feelings about the project, but during the process and after it was all over I had really enjoyed it and was more than happy with the Rhino that I had sculpted. Now that I have graduated and am working, I keep trying to think of projects to work on to keep my creativity alive. A few months ago, I thought back to the alabaster project and decided that I wanted to take another crack at it. I found a website that sells large boulders of alabaster and after a few days, a 96 lb. rock arrived at my house. After months of thinking, sketching and deliberating, I finally decided to carve a bald eagle. So for the next few weeks I will be Michelangelo in my back yard. I finally started it yesterday and I will start to post and document my progress as the eagle starts to take shape. Here are a few pictures of the rock before I started and my progress from yesterday and today.


First Order!

So after I posted my first two small boxes, I received a message that someone wanted me to make them a larger walnut box specifically for them. After a few weeks and a lot of long nights, I finally finished her box and am very happy with the final result as she is too. This was my first order and the first real thing of my own that I have sold. There is a picture below, but if you would like to see a few more, you can check it out here. Hope you like what you see! And I hope to keep actively building things in my spare time.


Been pretty busy the past few weeks. Finally got a job, but managed to make my first product for my Etsy account. I really enjoyed making the jewelry box for my mom this past Christmas and decided to make another one for my first item. Slowly but surely with my free time I hope to make more objects.

Check it out here.

Peet Creations is a great website for artists, designers and creators all over the world to sell handmade items of all mediums. I recently opened my own shop on Etsy called Peet Creations, where I will create and sell items that I make in my spare time. I picked a very open name for my shop, so that I wouldn’t be restricted to working with just one medium. I am skilled in woodworking and sculpture, so I hope to create a variety of items that people will buy, appreciate and keep for a long time.

I don’t have any items up in my shop yet, but after my new band saw arrives, I hope to pump out as many projects as I can and as soon as possible.

Check out the shop for updates and new items for sale in the very near future.

Happy Holidays!

For Christmas this year, I decided to build presents for a few people in my family. I always believed that custom made gifts meant a whole lot more and they are objects that can be kept, used and appreciated  forever. These are the gifts I made for my parents, my grandmother and my brother.

Walnut Jewlery Box for my Mom

Walnut Jewlery Box for my Mom

Walnut Cutting Board for my chef Father (not finished yet)

Carved Angel for my religious Grandma (rough)

Carved Angel for my religious Grandma (front)

Carved Angel for my religious Grandma (side)

Carved Angel for my religious Grandma (back)

Shirt / Coat Rack for my brother

Shirt / Coat Rack for my brother


For Thanksgiving my parents were running around trying to get everything ready for our family to come over for dinner. My dad is a chef, so he did his specialty and cooked an amazing meal, my mom made sure the house was in order and I decided to do what I do best and create something for the center of the table. Having a pumpkin left over from Halloween, I decided to carve a nice autumn themed pumpkin for a temporary centerpiece on our table.